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*Kick off times are all local to where the match is being played

December 2016
Thu 1 Dec13:06D7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s5 - 27New Zealand WomenNew Zealand WomenH
L 5-27Sevens Stadium, Dubai
Thu 1 Dec15:40D7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s14 - 24France WomenFrance WomenH
L 14-24Sevens Stadium, Dubai
Thu 1 Dec18:20D7-PoolIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s17 - 17FijiFijiH
D 17-17Sevens Stadium, Dubai
Fri 2 Dec11:03D7-SFIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s28 - 5USA WomenUSA WomenH
W 28-5Sevens Stadium, Dubai
Fri 2 Dec14:06D7-FIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s14 - 12Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
W 14-12Sevens Stadium, Dubai
February 2017
Fri 3 Feb10:00WSS-R1IRFUFiji12 - 19Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 19-12Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Fri 3 Feb14:00WSS-R1IRFUAustralia Womens 7s29 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-29Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Fri 3 Feb18:00WSS-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s33 - 5Brazil 7sIRFUH
W 33-5Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Sat 4 Feb10:00WSS-CQFIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s5 - 17USA WomenUSA WomenH
L 5-17Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Sat 4 Feb14:00WSS-5/6FranceFrance21 - 19Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 19-21Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Sat 4 Feb19:01WSS-7/8Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s12 - 17RussiaRussiaH
L 12-17Allianz Stadium, Sydney
March 2017
Fri 3 Mar08:17WSLV-R1USA WomenUSA Women21 - 24Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 24-21Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Fri 3 Mar11:24WSLV-R1IRFUFiji31 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-31Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Fri 3 Mar14:09WSLV-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s14 - 14Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
D 14-14Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sat 4 Mar11:04WSLV-CQFUSA WomenUSA Women20 - 12Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 12-20Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sat 4 Mar15:23WSLV-5/6Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s5 - 20RussiaRussiaH
L 5-20Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sat 4 Mar18:25WSLV-7/8FranceFrance15 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-15Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
April 2017
Sat 22 Apr11:14WSJ-R1IRFUFiji45 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-45Mikuni World Stadium, Kitakyushu
Sat 22 Apr14:20WSJ-R1IRFUAustralia Womens 7s36 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-36Mikuni World Stadium, Kitakyushu
Sat 22 Apr17:04WSJ-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s10 - 27Brazil 7sIRFUH
L 10-27Mikuni World Stadium, Kitakyushu
Sun 23 Apr03:05WSJ-TSFIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s24 - 5Brazil 7sIRFUH
W 24-5Mikuni World Stadium, Kitakyushu
Sun 23 Apr07:05WSJ-TFIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s26 - 7Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
W 26-7Mikuni World Stadium, Kitakyushu
May 2017
Sat 27 May11:14WSC-R1IRFUFiji14 - 19Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 19-14Westhills Stadium, Langford
Sat 27 May16:42WSC-R1IRFUAustralia Womens 7s21 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-21Westhills Stadium, Langford
Sat 27 May20:20WSC-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s21 - 0Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
W 21-0Westhills Stadium, Langford
Sun 28 May11:14WSC-CQFIRFUFrance Women's 7s19 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-19Westhills Stadium, Langford
Sun 28 May13:58WSC-5/6Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s0 - 17Russia Women's 7sIRFUH
L 0-17Westhills Stadium, Langford
Sun 28 May16:20WSC-7/8England Women 7sEngland Women 7s10 - 14Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 14-10Westhills Stadium, Langford
June 2017
Sat 3 Jun08:55REGP7s-R1PAIRFUWales 7s5 - 26Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
W 26-5Oktyabr Stadium, Russia
Sat 3 Jun12:03REGP7s-R1PAIRFUGermany28 - 21Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
L 21-28Oktyabr Stadium, Russia
Sat 3 Jun14:49REGP7s-R1PAIRFUGeorgia Sevens14 - 19Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
W 19-14Oktyabr Stadium, Russia
Sun 4 Jun13:21REGP7s-R1SFRussiaRussia21 - 28Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
W 28-21Oktyabr Stadium, Russia
Sun 4 Jun16:07REGP7s-R1FSpainSpain0 - 12Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
W 12-0Oktyabr Stadium, Russia
Sat 10 Jun11:50REGP7s-R2Ireland SevensIreland Sevens28 - 10Poland 7sIRFUH
W 28-10Miejski Stadium, Lodz
Sat 10 Jun14:13REGP7s-R2Ireland SevensIreland Sevens26 - 7GermanyIRFUH
W 26-7Miejski Stadium, Lodz
Sat 10 Jun16:58REGP7s-R2Ireland SevensIreland Sevens26 - 5PortugalPortugalH
W 26-5Miejski Stadium, Lodz
Sun 11 Jun13:29REGP7s-R1SFIreland SevensIreland Sevens19 - 26RussiaRussiaH
L 19-26Miejski Stadium, Lodz
Sun 11 Jun16:53REGP7s-3/4Ireland SevensIreland Sevens35 - 5Wales 7sIRFUH
W 35-5Miejski Stadium, Lodz
Sat 17 Jun11:06WREGP-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s22 - 7Italy Women 7sItaly Women 7sH
W 22-7Malemont 7s
Sat 17 Jun13:51WREGP-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s47 - 7Portugal Women 7sPortugal Women 7sH
W 47-7Malemont 7s
Sat 17 Jun16:14WREGP-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s24 - 12England Women 7sEngland Women 7sH
W 24-12Malemont 7s
Sun 18 Jun10:44WREGP-CQFIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s15 - 0Spain Women 7sSpain Women 7sH
W 15-0Malemont 7s
Sun 18 Jun14:21WREGP-SFIRFUFrance Women's 7s14 - 7Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 7-14Malemont 7s
Sun 18 Jun16:45WREGP-3/4England Women 7sEngland Women 7s7 - 26Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 26-7Malemont 7s
Sat 24 Jun12:00WSCL-R1USA WomenUSA Women12 - 7Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 7-12Clermont 7s
Sat 24 Jun15:06WSCL-R1New Zealand WomenNew Zealand Women26 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-26Clermont 7s
Sat 24 Jun17:29WSCL-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s26 - 5Japan WomenJapan WomenH
W 26-5Clermont 7s
Sun 25 Jun10:03WSCL-CQFCanada WomenCanada Women31 - 0Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 0-31Clermont 7s
Sun 25 Jun14:04WSCL-5/6Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s14 - 31USA WomenUSA WomenH
L 14-31Clermont 7s
Sun 25 Jun18:12WSCL-7/8Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s14 - 19Russia Women's 7sIRFUH
L 14-19Clermont 7s
July 2017
Sat 1 Jul11:28REGP7s-R3PCIreland SevensIreland Sevens28 - 5Belgium 7sIRFUH
W 28-5Gabriel Montpied Stadium
Sat 1 Jul14:13REGP7s-R3PCIreland SevensIreland Sevens35 - 0ItalyIRFUH
W 35-0Gabriel Montpied Stadium
Sat 1 Jul17:20REGP7s-R3PCIreland SevensIreland Sevens21 - 5Wales 7sIRFUH
W 21-5Gabriel Montpied Stadium
Sun 2 Jul10:44REGP7s-R1QFIreland SevensIreland Sevens7 - 5FranceFranceH
W 7-5Gabriel Montpied Stadium
Sun 2 Jul14:21REGP7s-R1SFSpainSpain5 - 17Ireland SevensIreland SevensA
W 17-5Gabriel Montpied Stadium
Sun 2 Jul17:12REGP7s-R1FIreland SevensIreland Sevens17 - 14RussiaRussiaH
W 17-14Gabrel Montpied Stadium
Sat 8 Jul09:00WREGP-CIreland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s17 - 7Poland 7sIRFUH
W 17-7Kazan 7s
Sat 8 Jul11:45WREGP-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s48 - 0Sweden WomenIRFUH
W 48-0Kazan 7s
Sat 8 Jul14:52WREGP-R1Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s17 - 21England Women 7sEngland Women 7sH
L 17-21Kazan 7s
Sun 9 Jul10:06WREGP-CQFPortugal Women 7sPortugal Women 7s7 - 49Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
W 49-7Kazan 7s
Sun 9 Jul12:59WREGP-TSFIRFURussia Women's 7s27 - 5Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7sA
L 5-27Kazan 7s
Sun 9 Jul15:52WREGP-3/4Ireland Women's 7sIreland Women's 7s40 - 0France Women's 7sIRFUH
W 40-0Kazan 7s
Sat 15 Jul11:30REGP7s-R4Ireland SevensIreland Sevens36 - 7PortugalPortugalH
W 36-7Exeter
Sat 15 Jul14:15REGP7s-R4Ireland SevensIreland Sevens40 - 7Belgium 7sIRFUH
W 40-7Exeter
Sat 15 Jul17:00REGP7s-R4Ireland SevensIreland Sevens26 - 0FranceFranceH
W 26-0Exeter
Sun 16 Jul11:30REGP7s-R1QFIreland SevensIreland Sevens24 - 7EnglandEnglandH
W 24-7Exeter
Sun 16 Jul15:29REGP7s-R1SFIreland SevensIreland Sevens12 - 15Wales 7sIRFUH
L 12-15Exeter
Sun 16 Jul18:16REGP7s-3/4Ireland SevensIreland Sevens33 - 12PortugalPortugalH
W 33-12Exeter
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